Archive for Winter Hill Wargamers Winter Hill Wargamers is a small wargaming club based in Chorley, Lancashire, UK.

The Board Room
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Extra gaming night monday 6th march
Festive Gaming Session 28/29/30 Dec
Sunday 11/12/16 War of the Ring?
Thur 22/09/16 Session
Game of Thrones rules
mansions of madness second edition
Gaming Night 27th, 28th or 29th July
intresting , if you like Zombie games Project Z
Game of Thrones - Gaming session - 13th of July
Game Session 9th or 10th July
Forbidden Stars w/c 11/06/16
New Board Game Group
Board game night - Dead of Winter - Friday 18th December
Fury of Dracula at Will's house
July Board Games Night?
Board Games Night 10th April *NOTE NEW DATE*
Board Games Night 3rd April
Board games night 6th March
Board Games Night 30th January
Board Games Night 28th November
Board games night 26th September
Board Games Night 29th August
More changes to board games night
Board Games Night 30th May
Board Games Night 2nd May
Board Games Night 25th April
Board Games Night 28th March ?
Board Games Night 7th March
Mobile phone numbers
Change to board games night
Board Games Night 31st January
Board games night 29th November
Board Games Night 1st November
Board Games Night 27th September
Off work on the last friday :)
Board Game Night 30th August
Board Game Night 2nd August
Board Game Night at Peek A Brew
Board Game Night?
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