Archive for Winter Hill Wargamers Winter Hill Wargamers is a small wargaming club based in Chorley, Lancashire, UK.

Winter Hill Wargamers Club
The News Room
Club news and announcements will be posted here
Please take a moment to introduce yourself.
The War Room
The place to post if you want to organise a game at the club.
The Board Room
Organise a game at our monthly board games night.
Wargaming Hobby News and Discussions
The Council Chambers
The place to discuss rules questions, strategies and tactics etc. for any of the game systems played at the club.
The Manufactorum
The place to post pictures of your models, to ask for advice on any aspect of painting or modelling and to get feedback.
The Lounge
Here you can discuss new releases, gaming conventions, kickstarters, painting services, tournaments and anything that doesn't fit elsewhere on the forum.
Winter Hill Wargamers Forum
The Trading Room
Here you can post threads for items you have for sale, eBay auctions, and the like.
Tech Support
Please post any technical bugs, suggestions or other feedback here.
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